Fi McLaren

Business Systems Operator

The ‘go to girl’ in the office, Fiona is an amazing asset to LJH and we cherish all that she brings with her every day since being a part of our family since 2003. A humorous personality goes a long way in this field, and managing to keep everyone else balanced whilst getting the job done portrays a true talent. Fiona is somewhat the matriarch of the office and ensures that every day runs smoothly by giving her time, experience and strong organisational skills to the rest of the team when needed.

A broad background in hospitality, business studies, property services and administration has landed Fiona in probably one of the most important roles that keeps our office flowing smoothly. This quiet achiever carries on every day, assisting the other staff to achieve their successes, whilst building on her own. Fiona’s corporate position is Business Systems Operator, or "Admin Slave" as she likes to refer to her role as. Fifteen years in the one office can only mean that Fiona is a loyal, compassionate member of the team, enjoying every element of her work, starting from her enjoyment of working with other committed and honest staff members, who over time have become part of her family circle.

Out of the office, Fiona is just as interesting and has a talent in making jewellery, researching her family tree, whilst also enjoying spending time with her partner, children and grand children.